The Good Life Starts at the Table

Life is better when you cook your own food

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Physical Health

The main benefit of cooking your food is it will do wonders for your health. As I matured, I order less and less takeout. Preferring to make simple dishes that let ingredients shine rather than a mysterious takeout I have to guess what the ingredients are. I have always found that restaurant food tastes so good because they are loaded with saturated fat, MSG, and excessive salt.

The main benefit of cooking your food is it will do wonders for your health

Mental Health

Cooking is one of the best ways to relax and wind down. It encourages creativity and provides an opportunity to focus on physical activity. Cooking is a form of therapy.


Cooking your food can easily cut food expenses by at least half. This was something I never realized until I started cooking the dishes I normally ordered from a restaurant in my kitchen. I love Tempura but going to a Japanese restaurant is pricey, even if a person orders only one main dish and tea. I quickly learned that for the price of one main dish at a restaurant, I could have the meal in the comforts of my own home three to four times.

No other activity is filled with rich aromas which instantly bring back happy memories.

The average meal in a restaurant for one person is approximately USD 13. Compare that to cooking at home which costs USD 4. That’s a 325% saving. Imagine the cost of ordering meals for lunch and dinner daily. I had a roommate who would order take-out and eat-out for every single meal. She went through her entire salary by the middle of the month. This was ironic considering I made less than her, was able to raise a child, and support an entire household while she was single and carefree.



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