The Rise of the Founders’ Cult

And why it needs to stop…..

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…there have been several instrumental startups that have impacted millions of lives, including mine, and have completely revolutionized the world…

Have you ever noticed that founders who are larger-than-life personalities with strong personal branding and a cult following don’t have a revolutionary product? Best examples of this are Elizabeth Holmes and Adam Neumann. Were they not larger-than-life personalities? They knew the right words to say, when to say them and how to make people feel but at the end of the day, it was all smoke and mirrors. WeWork turned out to be WeCrashed and had a meteoric fall from being valuated at USD 47 Billion to nearly filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy. As for Elizabeth Holmes, looking back I can’t help but wonder how would a college dropout be at the forefront of science and medicine? Are these not subjects that need extensive research and education? Both things Elizabeth Holmes was definitely not equipped with and she ended up being found guilty of four counts of fraud. Yet everybody danced to the tune of Neumann and Holmes’ beat because of their charm, persona, and how they presented themselves.

True disruptors and founders don’t start as celebrities, but rather as problem solvers who are trying to figure out a way to solve issues that is in their community.

What happened to all the children who wanted to be doctors, nurses, pilots, astronauts, and Presidents? Have we all become them? What does our future look like when every single child wants to be a startup founder and the next Jeff Bezos with a trillion-dollar yacht and six-pack abs without actually creating the next Amazon?



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