Why in the Age of Super Fans and Mega Influencers, I Am Raising My Child to Become a Doctor

High tech is important but perseverance is what will save humanity

Photo by Derek Finch on Unsplash

Many parents, including myself, pivoted and thought that with the rise of AI, traditional professions such as journalists, doctors, lawyers, and accountants were no longer needed and will soon be replaced by robots.

If you searched for future jobs online a few years ago, the search result was filled with a plethora of tech jobs. Tech was king. And they knew it. However, since the rise of COVID, the trends have shifted. In the next five years, high demand will be in the traditional sectors such as healthcare workers, manual labor, and finance.

Traditional professions might not be hip or trendy, but they are vital in ensuring humanity’s survival

The biggest impact created in the world, which determines the direction the world is heading to is in traditional professions. In the middle of this pandemic, scientists are the ones saving the entire human race by discovering vaccines in record time. We can sleep soundly at night due to law enforcement keeping watch while we are in deep sleep.



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